The 15 best iQOO 3 tips, tricks, and hidden features you should know


The iQOO 3 is a new 5G gaming smartphone running Android 10 with iQOO UI 1.0 and it has a number of hidden tips, tricks, and features to help you get the most out of this smartphone.

iQOO is a new smartphone brand in India and the iQOO 3 is the company’s first flagship smartphone in India that features an eight-core Snapdragon 865 CPU, a massive 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and 48MP quad cameras.


Take a look at these 15 main tips and tricks from iQOO 3.

1) Enter monster mode

iQOO 3 has a built-in Monster Mode for high-end users, those who do a lot of multitasking or gaming can use it. Activating Moster mode turns the phone into high-performance mode, which means that you can use the iQOO 3 to its full potential and harness the full potential of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

To enter Moster mode, there are two ways;

  • Press and hold the smart key + the left touch button Moster

or enable it from the notification panel. You can also enter Monster Mode from the battery settings.

  • Settings -> Battery -> Monster Mode
Monster mode (right)

2) Enter GameSpace

Smartphones are now targeted at gamers as well, the iQOO 3 is no wonder it’s a gaming-centric smartphone, it runs a gaming user interface under which the company calls it GameSpace UI. The GameSpace user interface is a game interface that brings all game titles to the home screen in a carousel view. The GameSpace user interface could be great for gamers if they want a full gaming experience.

You can see the CPU and GPU usage as well as the phone temperature. You can also see how much time has been spent playing or how long the game has played and how much data the specific game consumes, you can get all the stats here in GameSpace mode.

To enter the GameSpace user interface, all you need to do is simultaneously press the Monster touch buttons. Once you are in GameSpace mode, you can exit by pressing the start button.

  • Press the Monster touch buttons simultaneously



3) Activate dark mode

Dark mode is indeed essential for all smartphone users, whether you are using the phone at night or in dark environments where the ambient light is quite low, the dark mode helps your eyes to relax. iQOO 3 features a dark mode on the interface that can be enabled through a simple notification shortcut. Just slide the notification tray and find the shortcut to the Dark Mode option, tap on it.

You can also enable Dark Mode from Screen Settings.

  • Settings -> Display – Dark mode


4) Make use of Ultra Game mode

On the gaming front, iQOO 3 is the most powerful gaming smartphone in its class, a surprise to big gamers. It includes an Andreno 650 CPU that seems to be the best for high-end gaming, there is no denying it.

Monster touch buttons add to the overall gaming experience, the Game Space user interface and Ultra Gaming mode help deliver a better gaming experience by optimizing games. This is what the Game Space user interface looks like on the phone: it displays game statistics with CPU, GPU usage and phone temperature. The Game Space UI can be entered by pressing the two Monster touch buttons simultaneously.

With Ultra Game mode, you can use the 4D game vibration function which gives you vibration feedback for a realistic gaming experience. iQOO 3 offers carbon fiber-based VC liquid cooling technology to dissipate heat, doesn’t heat much, stays below 40 degrees when playing longer gaming sessions or recording 4K videos.


5) Record screen activity

If you love taking screenshots, screen recording activity is quite familiar, iQOO 3 offers screen recording function. You can record screens with a simple shortcut in the notification panel. Screen Recorder can record any activity you do on the screen, for example watching videos, reading group conversations or playing games.

To record the screen, swipe from the top to bring up the notification tone, and select the shortcut ‘Recording screen‘.


6) take three fingers Screenshots

One of the easiest ways to take screenshots is the three-finger screenshot gesture, no matter what the screenshot can capture instantly. On your iQOO 3, simply slide your three fingers on the screen from top to bottom from any screen to capture the screenshot.

This feature is turned on by default, however if you want to know the location or if you want to disable or re-enable it, here is what to do. Go to the Configuration -> System Management and select the S-catch and you will find the option of screenshot with three fingers.

  • Configuration -> System Management -> S-catch


7) Smart button shortcut

The iQOO 3 features an additional key that is supposed to be a smart button that is used to activate the Google Assistant or the Jovi Assistant. The smart button on the iQOO 3 is not only an auxiliary key, but can also be used as a shortcut key to open Google Search applications.

To change the smart button shortcut, go to Settings -> Jovi -> Smart Button.

  • Settings -> Jovi -> Smart Button.


8) Shake to turn on the flashlight

iQOO gives you a nifty option to turn on the flashlight, most users use the flash notification shortcut, however the easiest way is to use gesture control and iQOO 3 has it, everything you need do is shake the phone to turn on the flashlight.


9) Volume key shortcut

If you don’t know, the volume down key can be used as a shortcut key on the iQOO 3. By pressing and holding the volume down key to enable specific functions like turning on / off the flashlight, recording audio, open camera, open Facebook or open a specific application.

Open Settings -> Shortcuts and accessibility -> Smart Click and choose the desired shortcut. Now hold down the Volume Down key to access the shortcut.

  • Settings -> Shortcuts and accessibility -> Smart Click
  • Hold the key down to decrease the volume

Note: This is not available during music playback.


10) Dynamic screen effects

The software side has some additional perks to enjoy the interface, iQOO’s UI is quite familiar if you have used smartphones alive. The iQOO user interface is basically made from the FunTouch operating system, as they have many similarities.

The user interface has dynamic screen effects that are added directly to settings that allow you to control animations: touchscreen particle animation, ambient light effect, fingerprint animation, charging animation, as well as insert USB animation.

  • Settings -> Dynamic Screen Effects


11) Clone apps for dual app mode

Application cloning is also a great feature if you want to use multiple accounts within the same application. iQOO 3 UI has a built-in App Cloner that helps you create a clone of the specific application and use it for another account, such as WhatApp account, Snapchat account, etc.

Go to the Settings -> Applications and permissions and touch the Clone App. Here you will see a list of applications compatible with the App Clone function, choose the one you want to clone. A shortcut to the home screen will be added with a small symbol in the corner of the app icon to differentiate apps.

Settings -> Applications and permissions -> Application cloning

Then you can remove the dual apps if you don’t require it, just repeat the same steps and disable the slider, or you can just uninstall the secondary app.



12) Show battery percentage in status bar

One of the most common things for a smartphone user is to check the battery percentage in the status bar, the iQOO 3 does not have a percentage, just the animated battery icon. To view the percentage directly in the status bar, go to Settings -> Status bar and notification and under that you will see Battery percentage slider, press the slider button and you’re done.

  • Settings -> Status bar and notification -> Battery percentage


13) Make use of Super power saving mode

So, now you know how to use Monster Mode. In addition to Moster mode, the iQOO 3 also offers a power saving mode called the Super Power Saving Mode that helps keep the battery last longer than in normal and Moster mode.

What it does is enable a simple and clean user interface with just four apps on the home screen: Clock, Contacts, Phone and Messages. Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS and Bluetooth are not available. Other functions are completely disabled, such as on-screen fingerprint scanner, ambient screen, all applications except the four listed.

You can hit the Super power saving mode shortcut on the notification panel or go to Battery settings and tap the feature.

  • Settings -> Battery -> Super power saving mode


14) Network speed in status bar

If you browse, download and / or transmit over the phone, iQOO’s user interface has an elegant feature that will let you know the network speeds in real time in the notification bar. What you should do is go to Settings -> Status bar and notification and hit the Net slider

  • Settings -> Status bar and notification -> Net.


15) Enable OTG for USB drives

You can also connect your USB drives using the OTG connector or adapter on your iQOO 3. After connecting your USB drive or USB stick, you will need to enable a quick setup for the OTG connection. Go to Settings -> RAM and Storage Space and at the bottom, tap Mount OTG to mount the USB drive on your phone. That’s it, now you can check the contents of your USB drive.


These are the 15 best tips and tricks from iQOO 3, don’t forget to share more tips and tricks like these in the comments below. See also the iQOO 3 unboxing and features overview.