The 117th Congress will be sworn in on Sunday amid the Great Epidemic

The Constitution calls for Congress to convene on the afternoon of January 3 at ET – which is hardly the reason for the Sunday session. Newly elected and returning members will take the oath of office and a full House representative will vote for the selection of a new member. Nancy Pelosi, who served as House Speaker in the 116th Congress, is on her way to the role.
The House Democrats retained control of the House in the November election, but will now get a narrow majority after a series of losses, despite the expectation of more damage. House Republicans, meanwhile, have surpassed expectations and now have a significant number of GOPs in their ranks in the new Congress. Women are ready to add.
In the Senate, the balance of power is still on the lookout for a pair of Senate run-up elections to be held in Georgia in January, which will determine which party controls the chamber.
The new class coming in includes high-profile Democrats and Republicans who have already received national attention before setting foot in Congress.
In the House, a slate of progressive Democrats facing primary challenges will be part of the new congress, including Corey Bush of Missouri, who ousted Congressman Lacey Clay in a major upset, and Jamal Bowman of New York, who defeated the president. Eliot Angle of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Other incoming members who already have a national profile include Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green, who became known for her track record of provocative rhetoric and a relationship with the baseless Q non conspiracy theory, and President Donald Trump’s former chief physician, Roxanne Jenkins.
In the Senate, former Colorado Gov. John Hicknlooper will serve as Colorado’s new Democratic senator, and former Uberburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville will become the new Republican senator from Alabama.
Trump praises Tuberville after he objected to the results of the Alabama GOP's senator-elected election in January.
Alex Pillai Dilla will be the second new senator in the new Congress after California Governor Gavin News appointed him to fill the Senate seat of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Harris and Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20 during the presidential inauguration.
NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, a retired Navy captain and Arizona’s new Democratic senator, was sworn in in December after winning a special election.

The first day of the new congress to take safety precautions to respond to the coronavirus epidemic will look a little different this year.

The number of senators sworn in at one time will be low enough to ease the crowd and senators are expected to swear in their positions in two groups to allow for social distance.

Delegates will also be sworn in by groups, however, given the size of the House, the size will be larger before members are sworn in.

Newly elected legislators often bring several family members to take their oaths and become part of the photos in memory of the occasion. This year, however, elected members will be allowed to see only one member of the family in the House Gallery to watch the proceedings.

After voting for the election of the Speaker of the House, the new Speaker will swear in the members.