Texas has set a new record high for COVID-19 hospital admissions

Dallas – Texas set a new record for COVID-19 hospital admissions on Sunday, as tensions in the state’s medical resources continue after holiday trips and reunions as the disease caused by the novel coronavirus increases.

State health officials registered 12,563 Kovid-19 patients in Texas hospitals, up 240 from Saturday. It is the sixth time in seven days that he has been admitted to a record hospital in the state.

Intensive care units in some parts of the state were full or almost full Sunday, according to the Texas State Health Services Department.

The department reported 14,535 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 Sunday, 1,510 more potential cases and 50 casualties. The actual number of cases is thought to be much higher because many people have not been examined and some who fall ill do not show symptoms.

In the past seven days, one in about five coronavirus tests in Texas has returned, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

For most people, coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that become apparent within a week. But for others, especially the elderly and those with existing health problems, the virus can cause serious illness and be fatal.

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