Tesla to grow 400% more after Torrid rally this year, says billionaire shareholder Ron Barron

Ron Baron
Ron Baron.

  • Billionaire investor Ron Barrow told CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla could become a 2 trillion company.
  • Baron’s asset-management PA bought Tesla in 2016 when shares were worth about ડ 40.
  • He said he focuses on Tesla’s business and is less concerned with short-term stock movements.
  • The electric vehicle company is 442% higher than the year-to-date.
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Well-known investor Ron Barrow told CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla could rise a further 400% to reach a 2 trillion valuation.

Founder of Baron Capital – longtime Tesla Bull said he bought the shares in 2016 when they traded around $ 40. The stock has seen a volatile uptrend, with more than 2,445% of the year-to-date stock trading at around 4 50,450 on Wednesday.

Barron said he is more focused on Tesla’s business model than his stock’s short-term “yo-yo” activities.

“What we worry about when we are an investor in a business is not the price of the stock,” he said. “In the short term I have no clue what is going to happen. I think – it’s over 400 400 billion now. When we started it was 40 40 billion.”

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Barron added that he has “said for a long time” that he thinks the Tesla market cap will reach 1 1 trillion to 2 2 trillion. “With the recent developments,” he said, “I think 2 2 trillion is the right number.”

Barron said he expects the electric vehicle company to build more factories and sell cars from 500 500 million to 800 800 million in 10 years. He added, “Batteries is another incredible business that I’m very excited about.”

“In the first four or five years so far that we’ve owned it, the stock has gone down like a yo-yo and that would be to be expected,” Barron said. “Because what they were doing – they were building facilities, hiring people, coming up with designs. It’s reasonable to bet against them.”

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But Baron Capital is making a big bet on Tesla. With more than 39 39 billion in assets under management, the firm has a load-bearing Multiple Growth Fund. Tarola Baron is the top holding in the Partners Fund, representing 29% of its total investments.

The fund was the leading domestic stock fund in the third quarter, according to The New York Times. The second best performing fund was the Baron Focused Growth Fund, whose top holding is also Tesla.

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