Tesla releases a video of Model Y’s third row but it doesn’t fit anyone

Tesla is starting to release the first video of the third row of the Model Y, but it doesn’t show anyone sitting in the back seat.

Third row option of Tesla Model Y seven seats

Last week, we reported to Tesla at the opening for the Model Y Standard Range RWD and the seven-seater third-row option.

Tesla promised a seven-seat version of the Model Y when it returned in March 2019.

It surprised many that the third row would fit in a smaller SUV, but Tesla said it is viable.

The Model Y went into production in early 2020, but the automaker focused on other versions of the electric SUV.

Now, Tesla is starting production of the new Model Y seven-seater option, priced at 3,000 3,000, and the automaker lists some of the new interior features:

  • Third-row seat for two
  • Easy entry into the third row
  • Third-row USB-C charging
  • Second row sliding with adjustable seatbacks
  • Fold-flat second and third rows for maximum cargo storage
  • Electronic fold-flats are released in the trunk

We had earlier caught some glimpses of the Model R’s third row in the prototypes, but that was a year ago, and Tesla hasn’t unveiled new images until recently.

The automaker released a few pictures last week, but now we’ve got a full video.

Video of the third row of Tesla Model Y.

With a few pictures published by Tesla, we can say that the automaker has updated the design of the third row since its return in 2019.

Now with the new video, we’ll get our best look at the new seven-seat option for the best-selling electric SUV.

Tesla has not yet posted the video on its official channels, but some are reporting that Tesla representatives are sharing the video with potential buyers of the option (via Reddit):

Once the new version starts shipping, it looks like an official facial Tesla video for the AutoTomeker support page for the Model Y.

The video still gives an excellent look at the third row of the Model Y, while Tesla did not show anyone sitting in the third row.

This is because many fans have pointed out that it looks exceptionally small in the back – Tesla’s original claim that it’s hard to believe “7 adults”.

Originally, Tesla’s website listed that the seven-seat option would fit for “7 adults,” but Tomaker has now updated its website to write “7 people.”

It’s probably more accurate because the third row is definitely more suitable for kids – making it a great option for families with kids.

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