Tesla presents the economic benefits of its Cybertruck factory to Texas officials

Tesla believes his Gigafactory Cybertruck could reverse the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy of Travis County, Texas.

County officials in Travis County listed a presentation by Tesla staff as one of the events on their agenda during a meeting on June 23, 2020. The County will consider and take appropriate action in a request submitted by the manufacturer of electric cars to build their next production facility in the US USA On a 2,100 acre lot outside of the City of Austin.

According to the filing found on the Travis County government website, Tesla is preparing to present his case for a massive incentive package that would help the company obtain the vast area of ​​land for its largest production facility until the date.

Tesla presenters include Rohan Patel, the company’s Senior Director, and Valerie Capers Workman, Vice President of Human Resources.

The filing indicates that Tesla may be able to deal with the economic downturn that has affected the local Travis County economy since the COVID-19 crisis swept across the United States.

After the county business closed in early March, when officials issued a “Declaration of Disaster” due to the pandemic, those working in the area have been forced to quit their jobs and apply for unemployment. According to Federal Reserve data, unemployment rates in the county increased from 2.2% in April 2019 to 12.4% in April 2020 after the virus had its impact in the area.

Tesla believes that the presence of its factory would provide substantial financial assistance by providing “5,000 middle-skill jobs tailored to a specific need for economic development” and would directly contribute $ 600 million in annual sales activity.

The Gigafactory location could also provide more than 4,000 new non-Tesla jobs due to “side effects,” the filing indicates.

“Tesla could be a source of reemployment for many,” the company said.

Tesla also listed the benefits the company will provide to the community, including investing “a minimum of 10% rebate value in local programs,” new uses of renewable energy, such as solar panels where appropriate, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering), Mathematics) educational programs.

The facility will primarily focus on building Tesla’s Cybertruck. This all-electric truck caught the attention of the automotive sector at its launch event in late November last year. The facility will also manufacture the Model Y, a crossover that is Tesla’s latest addition to its fleet. Y models being built at the new facility will be delivered to customers on the east coast. In contrast, Tesla’s primary production facility in Northern California will take care of the rest of the country.

Last week, Tesla was reported to have agreed to a price of just over $ 5 million for the 2,100-acre property. However, Elon Musk stated that the company was offered the land but that it has not exercised its right of purchase at this time. Musk also added that the company was considering various options for its next big factory in the United States.