Tesla achieves record delivery volume with quarterly expectations jumps

Tesla (TSLA) achieved record delivery volumes last week, according to sources familiar with the matter, quarterly delivery expectations are jumping to record highs.

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk thanked his team for “great work on delivery”:

Thanks to the Tesla team for the great work on delivery! For new owners, we are super appreciative for including us on delivery time! Certainly we have a tough quarter in global logistics.

We now know that it was in terms of receiving Tesla record delivery volume during the week, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Musk had sent an email to employees during the previous week after it was stated that record delivery could be achieved in the quarter, but told them “we are to deliver the largest number of vehicles in a day.”

While the total number of deliveries during the quarter is still unknown, it looks like Tesla may have achieved Musk’s goal.

Wall Street has high expectations with consent estimates for the delivery of about 140,000 vehicles – up from 123,000 just a few weeks ago.

Tesla is expected to announce its Q3 delivery and production results by the end of the week.

Take the electric

I’m a little confused about this quarter. Most deliveries are estimated at between 135,000 and 145,000 vehicles and it seems to be based on Tesla’s need to get up to speed to achieve its target of 500,000 deliveries for the whole year.

However, Elo indicated that he had “Shot on record quarter for delivery

Considering Tesla’s last record delivery was 112,000 vehicles, that would put it closer to that range this quarter.

However, as I mentioned about email in my previous article, Elon always leaves all employees to interpret those emails.

That means U.S. Or the North American delivery might have meant something to some, but an email was sent to all employees globally, and in previous similar emails he was referring to Tesla’s global delivery.

Now, “Shot on record quarter for deliveryHe himself is vague, and Tesla could be increasingly shot.

I think North America or the U.S. Delivery means better prospects than that, especially if Tesla achieved its target last week with record delivery volumes.

That would leave them four extra days to cross last quarter delivery, and that would keep them very close to 140,000 deliveries.

But again, we don’t know if that’s necessary.

Personally, I think Wall Street is a little more optimistic here. I’m going to stay on this one side.

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