Ter Turb Ox reveals the first third-party MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12

Ter Turb Ox has launched the first third-party iPhone 12 case that officially supports Paul’s new MagSafe support system, the company today unveiling its Figura, Aniu and Symmetry Series Plus cases for new phones.

According to TerTurb According to X, the company is the “exclusive third-party case provider for the introduction of the advanced MagSafe system” – which gives it the voice that this will be the only official MagSafe case you can get outside of Apple Pal. , At least for now.

The Figura series cases are the easiest at colorful 49.95, offering a basic plastic case with a colorful, watercolor-style design. The Aniu series cases (also $ 49.95) add grippy rubber edges and textured material for the rest of the case. Both models are available for the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max from Apple’s Pal and Ter Turb Ox’s website.

MatterSafe's symmetrical range of turboxes plus case

Image: Otterbox

Symmetry Series Plus Case – which is only sold on Ter Turbox’s website and its price. 59.95 – add “Silver-based additives that inhibit continued microbial growth” and Drop Plus Protection of Ter Turbox, which the company claims to be “three times three times the military standard.” ”

The price of the Ter Turb Ox is more or less the same as Apple’s own cases, which cost $ 49, so you don’t really save any money by turning to the third-party option. But at least Apple has a little more variety than the silicone and clear plastic case choices of the moment.

All three Terbox box case models are compatible with Apple Paul’s MagSafe standard, which means they can easily snap on your phone and support Apple Paul’s MagSafe wireless chargers even when the case is connected.