Teofimo Lopez beats Vasili Lomachenko to consolidate lightweight title

Teofimo Lopez had enough brushes to challenge Vasily Lomachenko, and was good enough to beat him.

Lopez gained early dominance and won a unanimous 12-round decision to consolidate the lightweight title in a fight over Lomachenko with a strong finish on Saturday night, although some feel he doesn’t feel enough.

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Lopez took advantage of Lomachenko’s slow start to take an early lead, then finished the fight with a big 12th round, which led to Lomachenko’s bloodshed and defeat on the scorecards. The 23-year-old from Brooklyn became the Unified Lightweight Champion and some of those involved in boxing xing could do what they could think of – outbox, perhaps the best technique in boxing xing.

Lopez (1-0-0) won three titles last year by Lomachenko (15-3), adding to the belt that he became the undisputed 135-champion.

Lopez won 119-109, 117-111 and 116-112 on the ringside scorecards in a bout held without fans at the MGM Grand Conference Center. Lopez won 117-111 in the Associated Press.

Lopez proved to be faster and stronger than the 32-year-old Lomachenko, who won two Olympic gold medals as an amateur and was considered one of the pound-for-pound fighters as a pro. Surprisingly, he was an even better boxer and proved to be able to close the show by bleeding Lomachenko’s eye in the 12th round.

“I had to dig in the manhole,” Lopez said. “I’m a fighter, I have to dig deep.”

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Lomechenko, usually a slow starter, was too slow this time as he threw an early round as he tried to outscore Lopez’s style. He was far behind in the return until the fight became competitive in the eighth round.

“He’s been out for 14 months,” Lopez said. “I know it will take a long time to catch him.”

Lomachenko, who has lost only once in nearly 400 amateur battles and suffered only one loss as a pro, thought he had done better than the scorecards suggested.

“Certainly I don’t agree with the scorecards,” he said.

The fight was the biggest since the epidemic began and would have been a wage-compensation event in normal times. But without the fans it would have been ESPN. Was televised on, providing a big showcase to Xing, otherwise it would have been obtained.

Lomachenko was a 4-1 favorite, but he seemed to rust sooner than he tried to tackle Lopez’s style. He threw scattered punches in the first half of the fight, before gaining momentum in the eighth round, landing only 31 punches in the first seven rounds.

“I think he got more rounds than I did in the first part of the fight, but I captured the second part of the fight,” Lomachenko said. ʻ I was very good. ”

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Punch figures show Lopez landed 183 out of 659 punches while Lomachenko credited 141 out of 321. In the 12th round, Lopez dismissed Lomachenko 50-19 and opened a cut with blood on his face and told referee Russell Mora to stop fighting. The ring doctor has 10 seconds left to look at it before resuming.

Lopez was told by his father in the corner before the 12th round that he was ahead and did not risk anything. But he came out strong and beat Lomachenko with a punch.

“I didn’t know if they put him on the scorecards,” Lopez said.

Lopez backflipped his trademark in the ring after the unanimous decision was announced.

Lopez only became the youngest fighter to become a four-belt champion in his second title fight. He angered the Europeans with his brush trick and demanded a fight against Lomachenko.

“I love to fight and I can bang too,” Lopez said. True true This is what true champion does, I can go there and find a way to win. ”