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Los Angeles (CBSLA) – Newly qualified Los Angeles County residents will have teachers and food and agricultural workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting Monday.

Vehicles pass in the parking lot at Doder Stadium for the COVID-19 vaccination on February 25, 2021. (El Seib / Los Angeles Times / Getty Images)

Newly eligible children to be vaccinated are caregivers, law enforcement personnel and emergency services workers. They will join healthcare workers and people over the age of 65 who have been receiving the vaccine for several weeks now.

However, health officials said those workers would have to be patient, as vaccine supplies would be limited and staff were being trained to ensure only qualified people get shots.

“Therefore, it will take considerable time for these groups to be vaccinated, unless the vaccine supply increases significantly,” said Drs. Paul said to Simon. “We urge the patience of the people that we act as quickly as possible through this process.”

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About 700,000 LA County residents over the age of 65 are yet to receive their first dose.

The city of LA is expected to receive about 70,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine on Monday, primarily at its six mass vaccination sites – San Fernando Park, Hanson Dam, Craneshow Christian Center, Lincoln Park, Pierce College College Ledge and Doder Stadium – and another on Sunday. It will reopen on Tuesday after closing on Monday.

“Our vaccination program faces many challenges, but we have made it clear that nothing will interfere with our mission to deliver this life-saving vaccine as quickly and safely as possible,” Mayor Garcetti said in a statement Sunday. “Opening eligibility in more groups of essential workers saves more lives and will accelerate our recovery. We are encouraged to hear commitments for more vaccines coming from our federal and state partners, and we are ready to step up our operations so we can end this epidemic. “

All other doses for this week are being scheduled automatically for patients who have the first dose at the city site in February. Obtained during 1st February. 6 patients will receive notification with appointment details by Sunday evening.

The city’s mobile sites will also triple their total capacity this week, increasing the dose given to vulnerable communities from 4,000 to 12,000, officials said.

Garcetti’s office fee also said it plans to begin integrating FDA-authorized Johnson & Johnson vaccines into its inventory next week.

Simon said Friday that LA county-operated sites expect to receive a total of 269,000 doses this week, up from 211,000 last week. The county will set aside a majority for second-doses, with a total of 103,000 first doses available this week for workers in three sectors and those 65 and older.

Government Gavin News has mandated that 10% of all vaccine supplies received in the state be set aside for immediate teachers, child care workers and other school staff. But splitting education allocations into Los Angeles County’s 80 school districts will be a weekly challenge.

To address this issue, the county has devised a complex formula aimed at getting the vaccine out properly. Of the dose allocated to the education sector each week, 9% will be automatically directed to the county’s private schools, showing the percentage of students in the county.

The county’s individual0 individual school districts – excluding Long Beach and Pasadena, which have their own health departments – will be divided into five groups. The remaining available doses will be divided into groups based on the formula that evaluates overall enrollment factors; Percentage of students living in poverty – depending on people eligible for free or reduced meal offerings; Covid case rate in each community; And whether schools already provide personalized services for students with high needs.

The formula means that LOSD – the country’s second-largest school district – will probably receive about 40% of the available education-sector doses per week.

The state has an underlying health condition that puts them at a higher risk of death from serious illness or COVID, with the underlying health condition being given the authority to shoot starting March 15. Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said last week that it was not yet clear whether the county would actually increase eligibility in that group on March 15 because of supply issues.

Here is a complete list of groups under Tier 1B that are now eligible for vaccination. For more information, or to test your eligibility, click here:

(1) Individuals 65 years and older

(2) Education and child care
Public schools (K-12)
Independent schools
Ter charter schools
Care daycare and early childhood education
Educational Contracted Educational Support Staff
Junior colleges
Colleges and universities
()) Emergency services
/ Police / Law Enforcement Officers
National security
Officers Reform officers and workers
/ Courts / legal counsel and legal proceedings
Campus and school police
Rehabilitation and re-entry
Federal law enforcement agencies
, Police, fire and ambulance dispatchers
Building Security personnel to maintain access control and physical safety measures
DCFS, APS (Physical response to abuse and neglect of children, the elderly and dependent adults)
()) Food and Agriculture
Food service workers
Food production laborers
Grocery store workers
પ Veterinary health workers, including those involved in veterinary health
• Farm labor
Food and agriculture-related port and transport workers

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