Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin Potential Vs. Chargers; Week 6 returns are possible

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin is likely to miss Sunday’s match against the Los Angeles Chargers due to a hamstring injury, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Godwin could also miss the Buccaneer game against the Chicago Bears in Week Week, which is scheduled for Thursday night and will change soon from Week Week.

The Buccaneers are hoping Godwin Green can return after their Week 6 game against the Bay Packers, the source said.

The first report by the NFL Network was that Godwin, who suffered an injury in the third quarter of Sunday’s victory over the Denver Broncos, is expected to be out against the Chargers.

A source said the Buccaneers are also keeping an eye on the starting position of Cornbach Sean Murphy-Bunting, who suffered a hamstring / groin injury against Denver and did not return. Coach Bruce Arians said Monday that Godwin and Murphy-Bunting were undergoing an MRI.

It has been a troubled start to the season for Godwin, who emerged as the NFL’s top receiver in 2019 when he entered for 1,333 yards and 86 catches for nine touchdowns. He also missed the Tampa Bay Week 2 game due to the season against the Carolina Panthers and got 11 receptions and touchdowns for 143 yards this season.

Godwin was among the many bookie players to suffer hamstring injuries last season, in which he will ask the team’s sports science staff to review how those injuries were handled.

ESPN’s Jenna Lane and Dan Graziano contributed to this report.