Taiwan Kite Festival: A child gets caught in a kite and flies high in the air

The International Kite Festival was held in the city of Shinshu, south of the capital Taipei. The video of the accident, which has spread widely on social media, shows many viewers preparing a pale orange kite with a large long tail for the flight next to a crowd of spectators. The kite is already being blown away by the strong winds.

After that, the organizers let the kite go – and it flew out of its tail with a toddler. It is not clear how close it was to the kite on the ground, or how it got caught in it.

Screams can be heard as the baby is lifted into the air by the kite and the wind. It was aired for about 30 seconds before the audience members pulled the kite low to grab and release it.

The baby was in the air for about 30 seconds before landing on the ground.

According to the Central News Agency, run by the Taiwanese government, she was immediately rushed to the hospital with her mother and festival staff, but miraculously sustained minor injuries only with friction on her face and neck. She has since been given leave and is at home with her family.

In a statement on Facebook, Shinshu Mayor Lin Chih-chien apologized for the incident, and said the festival was immediately postponed to ensure the safety of those in attendance.

“We will review the circumstances and hold the people accountable so that such accidents do not happen again,” he said.

On Sunday afternoon the festive wind was unusually strong, reaching 7 on the Beaufort scale – meaning wind speeds ranged from 32 to 38 miles per hour (50 to 61 kilometers per hour), according to CNA. It is just one level below the gale-level wind on the scale.