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The OS can start Big Sur, Max has slowed down everywhere

Mac users started Experiencing unforeseen issues on Thursday, including taking a few minutes to launch applications, non-response during stuttering and mcus, and other issues. The issues seemed close when Apple started rolling out a new version of PlayStation, Big Sur, but users of other versions of MacOS like Catalona and …

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Why does the ring always fly home inside your home

Tech product launch The year 2020 includes a kind of perspective whiplash that makes it more difficult than usual to decide whether you really want to. is needed Thing. Considering whether the gadget fits into your life right now, at a time when our needs have changed significantly. It is …

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How a mask can help both your privacy and security

Facial recognition technology raises ethical dilemmas and privacy concerns. Is it okay for our phones, computers and social media applications not only recognize us, but also collect and store data about our faces? These concerns grow as technology becomes more accurate and more government agencies, private companies, and advertising agencies …

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