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Delisted Scott Pilgrim Game Still MIA, frustrating makers and fans

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game completely ignoring the style of the original comics.Screenshot: Ubisoft Although favorite independent comic book Scott Pilgrim concluded in July 2010, it received adaptations of film and video games shortly thereafter that the series was firmly entrenched in mainstream pop culture. The movie is …

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Watch the cast of Scott Pilgrim gather to read a table

Hot on the heels of an oral history Unpacking the film’s creation and cult status, Edgar Wright is hypercaffeinated Scott Pilgrim vs. The world It’s ringing on its tenth anniversary with a proper reunion. Only Kieran Culkin and Brie Larson are missing from the central cast of lovers and former …

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Scott Pilgrim Reunion and Live Read is a must see

The cast and crew of Scott Pilgrim get together to read the script.Screenshot: Youtube During the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen many, many casts gather over Zoom. And let’s be honest … it’s great every time. There’s something warm and charming about wrapping yourself in a blanket of nostalgia that …

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