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Scientists find new cause of event of mass extinction

(News) – An event for mass extinction that struck Earth 359 million years ago still has scientists scratching their heads. Are there volcanic eruptions? The meteorite? Gamma-ray bursts? A new paper looks at another possible culprit: exploding stars. Researchers from the University of Illinois claim that evidence hidden in rocks …

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Dinosaur is diagnosed about 76M years later

(News) A dinosaur that hobbled about 76 million years ago has been definitively diagnosed – with cancer, reports New Atlas. Researchers in Canada saw a large growth in a Centrosaurus apertus leg bone and ran it through a battery of tests, made CT scans, constructed a cross-section and cut it …

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This is actually a map, the largest of all

(Newser) – Do you want to escape? Now you can see how far “really” is. Based on 20 years of research, scientists have created a 3D map of the universe that spans 11 billion years and covers more than 2 million quasars and galaxies, while shedding light on a couple …

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