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Next month will see five GOP senators in the electoral college fight

Rip. Moe BrooksMorris (Mo) Jackson Brooksgop tries to avoid Trump’s fight at the election-oriented college After Trump rejected the Noim Thun challenge, Trump is sharply criticized by Senator Trump: ‘They will be primary in 2022’ More (R-Ala.) The Senate is seeking Republicans to participate in their guaranteed-failed attempts to overturn …

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No time to worry about the federal deficit

Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchi on Monday told CNBC. Lawmakers should not let the fear of a nation’s loss or the size of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet delay additional Covid-19 relief, he said. Munuchin, who has led the administration’s Covid-19 relief talks with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, …

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Rep. Dan Meuser tests positive for COVID-19

Rep. Dan MeuserDaniel (Dan) Meuser MEI (R-Pa.) Announced on Saturday that he has tested positive for COVID-19. The Pennsylvania Republican said he adheres to health guidelines and postpones public events after his diagnosis. As a member of Congress, I would like to inform you that I, unfortunately, tested positive for …

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