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The report suggests the PS5 will not support 1440p output

IGN Italy says no By Sammy Barker 1 hour ago One of the big questions put on the PlayStation 5, which is still not responsible for a week or so before it launches, is whether it will support 1440p output. This resolution is often used by monitors, especially those refreshing …

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Apple Pal TV requires PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Photo: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo The next-gen Apple Apple TV will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles at launch. This is a big deal. Micro .ft today Announced Apple Plus TV, Xbox Series X and S models will be available just outside the gate, its older pay generation Xbox …

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Random: Wow, the PS5 actually dwarfs the switch

Journalists and influencers have already got their hands on Sony’s latest PlayStation, and yesterday we saw a flood of images of the shiny new console – many of which clearly state that Complete unit That is. The PS5 is by far the largest PlayStation in terms of size, and definitely …

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