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Does TikTok record what it copies to the clipboard in iOS?

From Apple iOS 14 has a new privacy feature that sends you a notification every time an app inspects what’s in the clipboard of your iPhone. It sounds like a smart addition, but it also discovered potentially disturbing behavior from various apps. Take a look at this example posted by …

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Check the automatic deletion defaults on your new Google accounts

Photo: Shutterstock Newly created Google accounts come with automatic removal enabled by default for all data types, a function that users had to enter and select beforehand. Google keeps your data, which it uses to select content and ads on its services, in three categories: Web and app history (including …

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Google will delete your data by default, in 18 months

In your world Developer Conference on Monday, Apple unveiled a litany of new security and privacy features that conform to what the company calls its four privacy principles. Today, Google also announces its own privacy-focused enhancements, according to what Google CEO Sundar Pichai says are “three important principles” of privacy. …

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