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Within the typical 401 (k) saver coronavirus withdrew V 12,000: Vanguard

Jamie Grill | Blend images | Getty Images Retirement savers appear to be taking advantage of lighter regulations around coronavirus epidemics around 401 (k) withdrawals. Typical 401 (k) investors withdrew 12,000,000 from their accounts in the form of “coronavirus-related distributions”, according to a new Vanguard analysis of its customer data. …

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Democrats’ new stimulus bill includes updated plan for 200,200 checks

The big question about whether Congress will pass another coronavirus stimulus bill is, will they? From jobs to savings to retirement plans, the coronavirus epidemic has decimated the financial lives of many Americans. Millions of Americans facing severe economic hardship are hoping for more relief, including extended federal unemployment benefits …

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One week left to retire, saving Medicare costs

Yoshiyoshi Hirokawa | DigitalVision | Getty Images Retirees who have taken out a mandatory distribution of a pension account this year have a week to return the money. The CARES Act, the coronavirus relief bill signed into law this spring, allows people with pension accounts to skip the required minimum …

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