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Will paying off debt affect my credit score?

That large balance that you have months to pay off on your credit card or make a final deposit for your years of student loans is an unbeatable feeling. But more than just bringing your peace, it brings down your revolving and paid off debts, closer to financial freedom. Revolving …

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Homeowners off Laura’s path should check insurance coverage

Downed powerlines will be seen on Highway 90 after Hurricane Laura passed through Iowa, Louisiana, on August 27, 2020. Elijah Nouvelage | Reuters If communities along the Gulf Coast assess the damage left in the wake of the hurricane, homeowners elsewhere can check their own insurance coverage. The massive storm …

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One week left to retire, saving Medicare costs

Yoshiyoshi Hirokawa | DigitalVision | Getty Images Retirees who have taken out a mandatory distribution of a pension account this year have a week to return the money. The CARES Act, the coronavirus relief bill signed into law this spring, allows people with pension accounts to skip the required minimum …

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