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How to have hope, even in a pandemic

[ad_1] I grew up in the shadow of a virus that devastated outcasts like me as the world watched nonchalantly. HIV and SARS-CoV-2 may have more differences than similarities, but I find a strange familiarity in a virus that takes advantage of the primordial human need for connection. The disease …

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How to take your business through the pandemic

[ad_1] ArcelorMittal won applause for guaranteeing people’s safety during the 2014-15 Ebola outbreak in Liberia and for maintaining the iron ore production of the steelmaker. He has asked veterans of that West African crisis to report their reaction to the coronavirus, from Luxembourg to the United States. However, the road …

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How to Talk to Your Children About the COVID-19 Pandemic

[ad_1] RIAD: As Saudi Arabia enters its second month of isolation at home, children find it increasingly difficult to cope with the new normal, and parents face the difficulty of explaining the dire situation to them.If you ask a child these days, you know that coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a …

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