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US historic deal revives plan to demolish U.S. largest dam

Portland, Ore. (AP) – An agreement announced Tuesday paves the way for the demolition of the largest dam in U.S. history, a project that promises to reopen hundreds of miles of new road on the Oregon-California border that is important to tribals but Almost nothing has diminished in recent years. …

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Hard Reagan is at the forefront of decriminalizing hard drugs

Salem, ore. (AP) – For the first time in the country, Oregon has refused to charge drug users with criminal offenses, leading voters to go through voting criteria that deny possession of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, xycodone and other hard drugs. “Today’s victory is an important announcement that it is time …

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Oregon man loses six after starting brush fire: cops

An O Reagan man accused of using a Molotov cocktail to start a brush blaze in a state fired from a forest fire – then fired again a few months later and six more were charged with starting again. Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, was first arrested Sunday afternoon after witnesses …

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