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U.S.A. claims Wal-Mart, fueled by opioid crisis

WASHINGTON Trump The Trump administration on Tuesday fired Mart Mart Inc. Claimed on. The Justice Department claims that Walmart seeks to increase profits by reducing its pharmacies and forcing employees to fill prescriptions faster. This makes it difficult for pharmacists to reject invalid prescriptions, enabling widespread drug abuse across the …

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The problem is closing the Qibi weight as mount

Qibi Holdings LLC is considering closing itself, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that points to a potential crash landing for a one-time high-end entertainment startup that raised capital 1.75 billion in capital. The streaming service has been plagued by problems since it began in April, facing …

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Amazon to open 1,500 small warehouses in US suburbs: report

The report states that while Amazon is padding its real estate portfolio, it is not interested in abandoned department store space. AFP by Getty Images The report states that Amazon.com Inc. Targets U.S. About 1,500,000 small warehouses are to be opened in the city – many of them in suburban …

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