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Gold investors face challenges ahead of Glory 2020

Gold wrapped up its best annual performance in years. What comes next is idolatry surviving on unpredictable dynamics, ranging from the strength of the global economic recovery to the health of the US dollar. One of the most active sell-offs in gold futures for February delivery ended Thursday’s session at …

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US Steel will buy the rest of the new, low-cost steel mill

United States Steel Corp. Big has agreed to acquire the remaining .10.1% stake in Big River Steel LLC for 74 million, giving the steelmaker ownership of one of the country’s newest, most advanced steel mills. Osola, Arch of the Big River. Owned by Mills, US Steel rivals Newcore Corp., one …

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Silver: the poor man’s gold no more?

Investors have focused on a surge in record gold prices, but silver rose roughly 25% in July, the metal’s second-highest recorded monthly gain, and is still undervalued compared to the yellow metal. “Silver is often called ‘poor man’s gold’ because some of the same factors that drive gold prices up …

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