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Sales of existing homes grow by almost 25% in July

Home sales grew in July, signaling how much the pandemic is adapting to where and how Americans want to live in this period of social distance and work from home. Buyers of homes that were restless in March and April when a large part of the country was under siege …

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At Home Depot and Lowe’s can improve home pollution

Home-building retailers Home Depot and Lowe’s had a phenomenal quarter, but investors are not in the mood to enjoy the profits. Home Depot sales grew by 23.4% in the quarter ended August 2. From last year, while Lowe’s revenue jumped 30% in the quarter ending July 31. Both companies have …

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Get your flu in September – before cases start to climb

Reuters With the coronavirus still widespread, it’s time to start thinking seriously about flu, which typically spreads in fall and winter. A major flu outbreak would not only overwhelm hospitals this fall and winter, but also likely overwhelm a person who can contract both at the same time. Doctors do …

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