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Hanna, first hurricane of the Atlantic season, attacks Texas

Hurricane Hanna is expected to hit South Texas today.Gif: Colorado State University Unfortunately, the climate does not care about the coronavirus and does not discriminate between states that have been decimated by the pandemic and those that have performed better. Hurricane Hanna, the first of Atlantic season, is heading to …

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Scientists reveal the first photo of a solar system like ours

Scientists have captured the first direct image of a solar system that closely resembles ours. The new image is a kind of family portrait, showing two giant exoplanets orbiting a young, sun-like star some 300 light-years away. The image was taken using the European Southern Observatory Very large telescope, located …

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Coronavirus closures silence seismic noise worldwide

According to new research, during blockades and other measures to control the spread of the new coronavirus, there was a global 50% drop in seismic vibrations that humans normally generate. Because it is important: Human seismic noise can drown out signals from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other geological hazards and …

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