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Space is scary in the next update of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky It’s generally a pretty laid-back experience, but that’s about to change with the next major update. Loneliness, available today, allows players to probe the depths of the mysterious, abandoned freighters that have dotted star systems since April exo-mech update. “Being a little dot between the stars can …

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The next stage of EVE Online’s alien invasion is here

Image: CCP Games For the past six weeks, EVE online It has been besieged by an extradimensional enemy known as the Triglavians. Recently, players were asked to unite with the Triglavians and help them settle into the EVE universe. Many players accepted this challenge and fought alongside the alien invaders …

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How an accountant earned 132,000 player scores in one month

Reads as a typo. “Gamerscore Leaderboard. Rank one at +132,000 this month.” Surely, there must be some mistake. 132,000 achievement points in a month? There is no way! There has to be a hidden decimal point somewhere, right? From all angles, physically, chemically, intellectually, mathematics just doesn’t add up. You …

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