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SpaceX astronauts brought with them a stoveway – Baby Yoda

The force is strong with this team of four NASA astronauts, who have arrived at the International Space Station carrying a small spacecraft – a plush baby Yoda. Dragon Commander Mike Hopkins, physicist Shannon Waker, Navy CMDR. Sensation of Victor Glover, Japanese astronaut Sochi Noguchi and the Disney Plus show …

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NASA will enter a new era with the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon’s first operational launch, which included ast astronauts.

Six years later, the two succeed Test flights And a multi-billion dollar investment in American enterprise, ready for NASA Launch four astronauts The first government-certified flight of the commercially developed SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station this weekend. Originally expected to take off on Saturday, the launch …

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Plan to turn scrapped rockets into space stations

The Nanorex team is targeting these high steps for development because they already have a lot of qualities that are required for a space station. The rocket’s fuel tank is designed to hold pressure, and is made of incredibly durable material to withstand the rigidity of the launch. They are …

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