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Not all children get mild coronavirus infections

The coronavirus is not as deadly to children as it is to adults, but children still get it and can still become seriously ill from it. The risk is higher for Black and Spanish children. Why it matters: In communities with high caseloads, cases among children could explode as schools …

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Why the coronavirus is causing Americans to move to the suburbs

It’s not just emotional purchases, brokers say: There are smart and strategic reasons why Americans of all ages, races and incomes are moving away from urban centers. Why it matters: Bidding wars, terrifying plays for a large suburb house with a pool, buying an invisible amount of real estate – …

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What to expect from the first coronavirus vaccines

The first coronavirus vaccine may come soon, but it is unlikely to be the defining blow you may be waiting for. Because it is important: The end of this global pandemic almost certainly rests with a vaccine. However, experts caution that it is important to have realistic expectations about how …

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