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Johnny Depp’s libel trial of Amber Heard claims ends with suspense

Hollywood’s ugliest “hit” is coming to an end, with a cliff hanger. Johnny Depp’s explosive defamation trial is expected to hear closing arguments this week, with the Hollywood star and actress Amber Heard still accusing each other of disturbing acts of violence. The London Supreme Court is expected to finalize …

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Amber Heard may have attacked her sister

Amber Heard may have attacked her sister once, and there is a video to prove it, Johnny Depp’s attorneys claimed Friday in an explosive twist at his London libel trial. Depp’s attorney, David Sherborne, notified the court that his team had received images Thursday night that showed Heard’s sister, Whitney …

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Amber Heard’s sister ‘begged’ her not to marry Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s sister “begged” the actress not to continue her wedding to Johnny Depp, she heard a UK court on Thursday, when the younger sister revealed that she witnessed him being hit “really hard” during a heated discussion. Whitney Henríquez, 31, said she “felt sick” when Heard called her to …

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