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Intel investigates how confidential data is online

There is also a folder dedicated to the Intel Management Engine, but its contents are also something that Intel integrators do not already know. They are test code and recommendations for when and how often to perform those automated tests when designing systems that include an Intel CPU with the …

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BadPower Attack can trick Power Bricks into starting a fire

An example of a melted phone. While this was not melted by the hack, the damage could be similar if the battery is overcharged.Photo: Nathaniel Stern / Flickr (Fair use) Your phone’s power pack is typically a relatively harmless piece of technology, but recently, researchers at a Chinese security company …

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How to know if you have been hacked and what to do about it

Everyone is vulnerable at the threat of cyber criminals or hackers who gain access to your information, but the threats are not the same for everyone. UNITED KINGDOM WIRING This story originally appeared on WIRED UK. The average person will likely face fewer sophisticated threats than, for example, a high-ranking …

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