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‘Startup City’: Accelerated Growth Strains Austin Stein

ST STIN, TEXAS A few years ago, some blocks on South Congress Avenue in STIN featured a castle-themed wax museum and comic book shop, a neighborhood bar with neighborhood 1 support deals, an auto toe shop and season you, Santa Claus on horseback. Then, in many other places in Stein, …

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Covid-19 run the business in the future. Ready or not.

For many who have crossed the digital divide this year, there will be no turning back. The Covid-19 epidemic forced Americans to make a physical swap for the digital world in a matter of months. As retailers learn without stores, business travelers without planes, and workers without office fees, much …

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Covid-19 Hazard for Workers in Rest Restaurants Rents: Cramped Kitchens

Many restaurants are struggling with a simple fact – often there is no easy way to make their kitchen completely safe. During the coronavirus epidemic, restaurant managers installed dividers and cut staff to bridge the gap between workers. They changed the workflow to minimize contact. However, some workers, infectious-disease specialists …

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