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Insect wings can develop from the feet of a crustacean

The first wings on Earth may have evolved from the feet of an ancient, flightless crustacean. Today, modern crabs, lobsters, shrimp and crayfish are sometimes called sea bugs, and as part of the arthropod family – marked by strong body armor and split joints – the name makes no sense. …

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Horses, rhinos evolved from exotic mammals in India: study

New Delhi: Horses like horses and rhinos evolved from exotic sheep-sized animals that looked like a cross between a pig and a dog and roamed in India about 55 million years ago, the researchers claim. Experts from Johns Hopkins University, who discovered mines in Gujarat, found the remains of a …

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Meet diabolical ironclad beetles, which can avoid driving a car

Scientists are unraveling the mystery of a bug with a great name for the animal kingdom: the diabolical ironclad beetle. The most difficult natural exoskeleton that scientists have ever seen in Floyd’s Diabolics. According to research published Wednesday in the journal Nature, the insect’s armor is very durable, with few …

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