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Switzerland bans face ban

The result is that facial covering will be banned on roads, public offices, public transport, restaurants, shops and all publicly accessible places across the country. According to official provisional results released by the federal government, the controversial proposal has the support of 51.21% of voters and a majority of 26 …

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Dozens burned out with a single hack

Boston (AP) – Solarwinds hacking campaign Russian spies and U.S. The accusation of a “terrible threat” to national security is widely known. Even in December the integrated range of intrusions, and no less alarming – a very different one – has received significantly less public attention. Humorous, skilled criminal hackers …

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Rapid variants power virus rise in Europe

MILAN (AP) – The virus has spread to nursery schools and adjacent primary schools in Bolt’s Milan suburb at a surprising pace. In just days, 45 children and 14 staff members tested positive. Genetic analysis has already confirmed the suspicions to officials: the first known highly contagious coronavirus variant in …

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