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Is your browser a good enough password manager?

Photo: 1Password Web browsers were once just used for browsing the web. But now they can perform all kinds of tricks, including password management. With new features like password suggestions and data protection warnings being added all the time, are these built-in password managers ready to adopt third-party dedicated tools? …

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How Facebook dark mode on desktop works

Facebook reported some time ago that its design on the desktop is about to change. Now this social networking site has been published in a new avatar worldwide. The name of this new design is Facebook darkmode. Now all users around the world can use the new Facebook web design. …

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How to record a desktop screen using YouTube

Tips and Tricks lekhaka-Nazia banu The | Posted: Saturday April 25, 2020 6:18 PM [IST] You can find many third-party screen recording programs that can help you record desktop screen. Later you can play it as a video. You can also record your computer screen. But when you have a …

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