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Can an active lifestyle help keep Alzheimer’s away?

Parents and teachers are concerned about the toll on children’s education and development due to the closure of schools, libraries, gyms and extraordinary activities due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. But children are not the only ones at risk. Young people need augmentation to build cognitive ability, while adults, especially the …

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FDA will quickly decide on experimental drugs for Alzheimer’s

Biogen’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Photo: Dominick Reuter (Getty Images) On Friday, the pharmaceutical company Biogen announced the Food and Drug Administration accepted its request to conduct a priority review of its experimental Alzheimer’s drug for approval. The faster-than-normal process sets the stage for treatment, called aducanumab, to be the first …

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Study Links Severe Gum Disease to Dementia Decades Later

Photo: Saul Loeb (fake pictures) New investigation is the last to suggest that the condition of our mouth and teeth is intimmediately connected to our brain health. The study found an association between people with severe gum disease or missing teeth in the early 1960s and an increased risk of …

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