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Coronavirus re-infections occur in the Netherlands, Belgium

Two coronavirus patients in Europe have been re-infected with COVID-19 in a confirmed development that one scientist called “bad news”, according to a report on Wednesday. One of the patients, from Belgium, suffered mild symptoms after catching COVID-19 in March and then again in June, health officials said Tuesday, according …

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Here’s why we can not rely on rapid testing of coronavirus

Share on PinterestProvinces of provincial provinces like these in California have relied primarily on “gold standard” COVID-19 tests, not rapid tests. Getty Images People are increasingly using rapid coronavirus tests to screen for the virus before attending an event. Rapid antigen tests for the new coronavirus are less accurate than …

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Medicine cocktail recommended by Trump for treatment of coronavirus increases the chance of death by 27%, study shows

A combination of drugs hailed by U.S. President Donald Trump as an “extremely successful” Covid-19 treatment increases the chance of death among patients by 27 percent, a study has found. Hydoxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug also being promoted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro, does not affect coronavirus mortality rates, French scientists …

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