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Netflix app hits Google Nest Hub

Photo: Andrew Liszewski – Gizmodo With quick access to recipes and measurement conversions at your disposal, Google’s Nest Hub has found a home in the kitchen for most users. Now for those times when you’re stuck cleaning up after a big meal, Google is introducing Netflix support, turning your screen-enabled …

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The best Gizmodo stories of the week

Clockwise from top left: John Blong, Apu Gomes (Getty Images), Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo), and Elena Scotti.Image: Various Sometimes the world is so amazing that it is difficult to find words to describe it. In those situations, since I have no words, I look for the next best option: something that …

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Zoom launches its first home hardware and I have questions

Zoom, the de facto video of the pandemicThe conference software company of your choice is getting into the hardware game. Today the company Announced Zoom for Home: DTEN ME, a 27-inch tablet that comes with Zoom pre-installed. Their $ 600. The gadget was created in collaboration with DTEN, who makes …

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