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Moon probe preparing to return rock samples to Earth

BEIJING (AP) – China on Thursday said its latest lunar probe has finished taking samples of the moon’s surface and sealed the inside of the spacecraft to return to Earth, the first such attempt by any country in more than 40 years. Chang 5, the third Chinese probe into landing …

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Hong Kong activists Joshua Wang, Agnes Chow, Ivan Lamne jailed

HONG KONG (AP) – Three prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were jailed Wednesday for protesting outside police headquarters as authorities took action in protest of Beijing’s tightening of control over the region. Activists – Joshua Wong, Agnes Chou and Evan Lum – are among more than 10,000 people arrested since …

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A robot on Mars, a human on the moon

BEIJING (AP) – China’s third landing on the moon is part of an increasingly ambitious space program that includes a robot rover heading to Mars, developing a reusable aircraft and plans to return humans to the lunar surface. The first attempt to bring lunar rocks to Earth since the 1970s, …

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