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Astronomers will finally find out what causes a rapid radio burst

The researchers made the announcement yesterday That they have solved a question that has haunted them for a decade: what exactly produces a strange phenomenon known as rapid radio bursts? As the name implies, FRBs have a sudden blast of radio-frequency radiation that lasts only a few microseconds. Even astronomers …

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Black holes and obb are seen blinging from the iconic image

Black Hole M87 *.Image: EHT collaboration Scientists are learning important new things about black holes for the first time, including behavior consistent with Einstein’s theory, but it is showing An unexpected feature In the form of a very crying ring. Sounds like before, but finally we took a look back …

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Does our sun have a long lost twin?

Artist’s image of our sun, along with his hypothetical solar companion.Image: M. Weiss The early configuration of material in the outer reaches of our solar system has led a team of scientists to speculate that the Sun had a companion in his early days. Intriguingly, this scenario could explain the …

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