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NASA will enter a new era with the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon’s first operational launch, which included ast astronauts.

Six years later, the two succeed Test flights And a multi-billion dollar investment in American enterprise, ready for NASA Launch four astronauts The first government-certified flight of the commercially developed SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station this weekend. Originally expected to take off on Saturday, the launch …

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The space station crew returns to Earth after a 196-day mission

A week after two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut arrived at the International Space Station, three crew members were wrapped up in their Soyuz spacecraft and blocked for a burning dive to Earth on Wednesday to close the 196-day mission. The outgoing commander of Expedition 63, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, …

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P-astronaut lands on Boeing commercial crew test flight after long delay

Christopher Ferguson, commander of the final space shuttle flight and now Boeing executive, has resigned as commander of the company’s first pilot test flight. Troubled CST-100 Starliner The commercial spacecraft, he and Boeing announced Wednesday. He has been replaced by NASA astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore. Ferguson tweeted, “I’m taking on …

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