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For NASA, it should be Mars or Bust

Since the Apollo program was completed almost 10 years ago, every newly elected U.S. The President is stunned by the same question: where to send astronauts from now on? NASA’s current target is the moon, but the moon is the last generation of American pioneers. One of the great, more …

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Elon Musk says he has gone to Texas

Tesla Inc. TSLA 0.30% Chief executive Elon Musk said he has relocated to Texas, becoming one of the top executives to leave Silicon Valley during a coronavirus epidemic. He said the move had been going on for months and California lamented that the state was happy with its innovations and …

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U.S. Sets export restrictions on China’s top chip maker

Department of Commerce Computer-chip companies have been told that they must obtain a license before exporting some of the technology to China’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, which is a blow to China’s efforts to compete in advanced technology. The department made the requirement in a letter to the computer-chip industry on …

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