Sushant Singh Rajput’s father makes 16 charges against Rhea Chakraborty on six FIR pages

According to the latest reports, Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has filed an FIR against the girlfriend of the late actor Rhea Chakraborty. Here are the details you need to know about it.


The Sushant Singh Rajput case has recently taken another turn now as the father of the late actor filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty. Dil Bechara’s star father KK Singh finally broke his silence regarding the whole affair and made some serious and shocking accusations against the ex’s girlfriend, Rhea. According to numerous media reports, he presented this FIR report on Sunday, July 27, 2020 at the Rajiv Nagar Police Station in Patna, Bihar.

This is reportedly a 6-page FIR in which the father of the MS Dhoni actor has made allegations against the actress in various sections, including financial exploitation, threats, suicide and others. This has been revealed by Sanjay Singh, who happens to be the Inspector General of the Central Zone of Patna. Sushant’s father has apparently made 16 serious allegations against Rhea Chakraborty listed below:

1. The FIR alleges that Rhea took money from the actor and forced him to take the drastic step.

2. Rea financially exploited Sushant and forced him to stay away from his family.

3. It has been alleged that the actress violated Sushant’s trust and led him to end his life.

4. Sushant’s father alleged that Rhea threatened the actor by revealing the details of his mental illness.

5. The FIR also alleges that Rhea used Sushant’s success to further her career in Bollywood.

6. It has been alleged that the actress also used Sushant’s debit and credit cards to exploit him financially.

7. The father of the deceased actor stated that Rhea forced him to take the wrong medications for mental illness.

8. Rhea apparently attempted to destroy Sushant’s profession by making reports of his mental illness public.

9. The FIR further alleges that the actress changed Sushant’s phone number so that family members could not contact him.

10. The actress apparently did not allow any of her family members to stay close to him.

11. Sushant’s father has stated that his son was held hostage and that he felt cheated.

12. Rhea called the MS Dhoni star at her home, gave her an overdose, and then reported to the media that she had dengue.

13. The actress allegedly withdrew Rs 15 million from Sushant’s account.

14. The FIR alleges that Rhea left her belongings in the Sushant department knowing that her account was running out of money.

15. KK Singh also mentioned that Sushant informed him by phone how Rhea and her family would not leave him and drive him crazy.

16. Sushant was afraid that he would be sent to the asylum.

According to another India Today report, Sushant’s father also mentioned some questions along with FIR. He asked the reason behind Rhea preventing Sushant from changing base to Kerala from Mumbai when he wanted to quit work in movies. Furthermore, he also claimed that the actor was not suffering from any mental illness prior to meeting Rhea in 2019, so it should be investigated how mentally disturbed he was. Furthermore, KK Singh also asked why the family members’ consent was not taken for Sushant’s Treatment.

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