Susan Collins launches Jumping Ship as Trump’s Republican Mitch McConnell

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump and his allies have kept a close tab on leading Rs servists, with the president believing they are preparing to throw him off the bus in case he loses the bid to run for re-election.

The two men who spoke to Trump say the president has expressed doubts that members of his own party believe he will be defeated by Judean. That spirit of paranoia has been nurtured by presidential aides and confidants who have publicly criticized Republican politicians for their behavior in public coverage of their behavior or are trying to distance themselves from early-blooded controversy.

According to a source with direct knowledge, the president is already considering revenge.

“[The president] Something said to his influence: If you’re retreating from him now, don’t bother to come back in favor when he wins, “said another source.” He made a comment about how some people out there, while You can only count when things go your way. “

The coverage bookmarked for Trump includes recent stories from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who not only split with the president over the coronavirus-related stimulus law but also made the point that he was not. Due to his equestrian approach to the White House epidemic in the week.

Trump’s confrontation with Republican senators doesn’t stop there. This past week, President Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) took to Twitter to attack “a nasty rumor” that she was going to oppose Supreme Court nominee, Amy Connie Barrett. He said of the endangered present: “The work is not worth it!”

There was even the slightest sigh among Trump strategists, who noted that it was absolutely unnecessary: ​​they already had enough votes to confirm Barrett.

In addition, there is a strong suspicion in Trump’s inner sanctuary that Sen. Ben Sass’s (R-NE) office leaked the contents of a call he made to voters in which he disciplined the president for adopting dictatorships and not condemning conspirators. With the call on Saturday, Trump’s anger flared up with one more Twitter attack.

Sen after that. Meet Rome (R-UT), who has made two statements on his mark, describing him as a corrosive figure in national politics. Notable in those statements was the condemnation for Trump and the way to criticize Biden.

“You hate to see it, but staying on Capitol Hill, a great way to attract attention is to speak out against your own party,” said the former rapper, who has served as an official Trump for years. Jack Kingston (R-GA) said. Surrogate. “Ben Sess is an intelligent man and I’m sorry he decided to bolt this time. [but] I don’t know how it helps in the swing-state [Republicans] Either … but you still don’t see ideological people broken. If Ralph Reed had said, ‘Well, I’m out of here,’ it would have been different. “

However, it does indicate that they are ready to jump ship, including some big players in Rs. Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, one of the president’s most powerful and influential believers, has been telling allies that he believes Biden will win the landslide, the Daily Beast reported last week. Murdoch specifically said he was ousted by the president over the mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.