Super Nintendo World Now Delayed Indefinitely

June 27, 2020 12:45 PM

Japan’s largest financial newspaper reports that Universal Studios Japan has decided to postpone the opening of Super Nintendo World indefinitely. The park administration had warned in May that a delay was possible, and now the newspaper says it is confirmed. (Please note that Universal Studios Japan has yet to post a notice on its own websites.)

Super Nintendo World was slated to open this summer before the Tokyo Olympics. But those games have been delayed until 2021, so I’m assuming Universal has an additional year to meet that deadline. Construction appears to be progressing well for the new land, but the biggest issue forcing a delay is Covid-19, which has forced Japan to restrict or ban the entry of international visitors, as well as forced businesses, including theme parks , to drastically limit the ability to support safe social distancing.

It’s hard to imagine that Universal would debut such a major company-wide project as Super Nintendo World, while Universal officials in the United States cannot travel to Japan. Or debut when the project would have to be opened in some modified way, due to the high level of tactile interactivity that Universal Creative has designed on earth.

If archrival Disney created projects like Cars Land, Pandora – The World of Avatar, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to show that he could design works equal to or better than the lands of Universal The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then Super Nintendo World is Universal in Against that answer: The latest escalation raises the bar for themed entertainment design. After all the work Universal has done to create the new standard for “The World’s Best Theme Park Land”, it’s not about to hinder its opening.

Nikkei reported that the land could open as early as this fall, but could be pushed towards 2021. But, as with almost everything affected by this pandemic, there is no use trying to guess a date at this time. As always, stay tuned.


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