Summer 2020 movie season is officially dead

With Greenland moved to September, Bill and Ted face the music sent to PVOD, Beginning, Deranged and Mulan indefinitely delayed and A quiet place Part II pushed to 2021, the summer movie season is dead.

STX has announced that Greenland It will move from August 14 to September 25. The Gerard Butler “Watch out, Comet!” The disaster movie will open overseas starting July 29, as it will finally hit our shores two months later. That’s less unusual for a studio programmer of this nature, Guy Ritchie. The Knights It opened abroad long before its national debut and earned $ 115 million globally with a budget of $ 35 million. However, the date change “shipped to September” for the Ric Roman Waugh-directed movie means, along with yesterday’s delays for Paramount. A quiet place part II (April 23, 2021), Disney
‘s Mulan (indefinitely delayed) and Orion’s Bill and Ted face the music (PVOD and limited theaters on September 1) means the 2020 domestic summer movie season is officially dead.

Chris Nolan’s Beginning It won’t open on August 12 in North America. Niki Caro Mulan It won’t open on August 21. Deranged It’s been delayed indefinitely, with the intention of opening just before the next “big” movie, which was always the plan for Russell Crowe’s furious thriller Solstice. From sony The gallery of broken hearts (which they bought specifically to be the first major studio release in theaters scheduled for July 10) has also been indefinitely delayed. Technically from Lionsgate Antebellum It is still slated for August 21, but I can’t imagine it staying as such. Even A quiet place Part II, which apparently moved enough (from March 20 to September 4) will now open a year after the planned launch date.

In a cruel irony that almost counts as intentional comedy, Disney has left the perpetual delay The new mutants (which released its first trailer three years ago and was originally scheduled for March 13, 2018) on August 28, 2020. Perhaps it will stay, playing at the drive-in theater and in any room that is open to the public. Quality aside (looks pretty good), Josh Boone “X Men Satisfies Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors“The film is required to get a theatrical release, and all Fox movies” already in development “will go to HBO after theaters and VOD / DVD, so a Disney + debut was never on the cards unless Disney was willing to pay to make that happen. But he could accidentally make history at the box office.

Yes The new mutants opens in theaters and even earns $ 612,000 on its opening weekend from Friday to Sunday, it will exceed The Empire Strikes Back ($ 611k from two weeks ago) as the biggest opening weekend this summer. Yes The new mutants, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Maise Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, Alice Braga, can raise at least $ 1.74 million in her national theatrical career, it will be the biggest raise of the summer. If it exceeds $ 4.5 million (more or less the unofficial internal gross for Universal’s Trolls: world tour), will be the largest since the theaters closed in mid-March. A total of more than $ 11 million would put you above anything from Ahead which opened with $ 38 million a week before theaters closed for the year.

Partly because the executive branch of the United States federal government (possibly) completely ignored or inhibited attempts to improve the coronavirus situation when Americans stayed home in March, April, and May, and partly because Americans seem reluctant (at least in numbers big enough to matter) to practice social distancing or at least wear a mask when we’re out and about, we won’t be having a 2020 summer movie season. Paramount isn’t comfortable pitching Top Gun: Maverick over Christmas it seems to imply that they don’t think things will improve, at least in North America, any time soon. It also means that Paramount (and the other studios) aren’t necessarily enthusiastic about trying the tiered global opening strategy Warner Bros. seems to be trying Beginning.