Summary of ‘The 100’: Season 7 Episode 6 End – [Spoiler]treachery

Giddy episode on Wednesday of The 100 It was full of ups and downs (a reunion!), lows (a betrayal!) and … whatever category the “alien spider creatures” fall into.

The hour of much action begins with Diyoza in custody in Bardo, where the Disciples make repeated attempts to “break it” to gain access to his memories. Unfortunately, she cannot be broken. So when an unsuspecting disciple lets his guard down for a second, he becomes a full vampire, opening his neck with his teeth. A true warrior queen.

It is not explicitly stated how long it has been since Diyoza was taken captive, but we get our answer when he comes across four familiar faces, including one he barely recognizes thanks to time dilation and whatnot. And when Diyoza notices Echo’s cloudier than normal disposition, Octavia tells her about Bellamy’s death (which I still don’t fully believe, but we’ll see).

With the Disciples on their way, the group has no moment to lose. And thanks to a chance encounter with their old friend Levitt, they learn of an escape route to the outside world. But all it takes is a random stranger to suggest that the mission cannot survive for Gabriel to ignite his “friends.” He uses his suit to knock everyone out, claiming that he cannot let them risk their lives, but now they are all in the custody of the Disciples, so what does it matter?

Meanwhile, on the other floating rocks …

Nakara The | It doesn’t take long for Clarke & Co. to realize they’ve reached the wrong planet, but tracing the Stone of Anomaly in Nakara turns out to be a much more difficult task, especially when Raven realizes that the “cave” everyone has it’s actually crawling is the inner lining of a living organism, one that is populated by alien spider creatures that eat your face, no less! (In other news, suddenly I’m extremely aware of my fear of fast-moving spiders.) Raven finally finds the Stone and saves the day, but not before Miller and Niylah discover a familiar “second dawn” symbol, prompting them to ask, ” How can there be Are there people here from the bunker in Polis?

SANCTUARY The | Fearing that Sheidheda may seize control of Wonkru by exploiting his lack of a Commander, Indra attempts to reinstate Madi, only to have Clarke’s surrogate daughter suffer a panic attack amid Indra’s big announcement. Murphy suggests that Indra, who was clearly running things in the bunker “while Octavia was painting her face with blood,” should become the new Commander. Initially, she is undecided, but as Emorii tells her: “The fact that you don’t want it is why you should do it.” Knight defies his attempt, but she does a quick job with him, successfully claiming the title.

Okay, let’s discuss this week’s episode: Were you surprised by Gabriel’s apparent betrayal? How do you think those “second dawn” symbols appeared in Nakara? And are you also concerned that Nikki keeps her promise to give Raven the old “bang bang”? Leave a comment with all your thoughts below.