Suicide caused by money, drugs and the fight for mental health

Hollywood business magnate Steve Bing committed suicide after a year-long battle with depression and financial problems after spending much of his $ 600 million fortune, his friends said.

Bing, 55, died Monday after jumping from his 27th-floor apartment in Century City, Los Angeles. He was a notable Hollywood philanthropist and investor, including as a producer on Sylvester Stallone’s remake of “Get Carter.”

Bing left Stanford after receiving a $ 600 million inheritance from his grandfather, a real estate developer. Perhaps he is best known for being the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian, born in 2002.

Bing initially denied that he was his father, but a DNA test proved otherwise.

While the Hollywood community remains shocked by his death, those close to Bing say his jet set life was enviable on the surface, with a close friendship with President Bill Clinton and billionaire Ron Burkle, and relationships with a large number. of beautiful women, but he was very concerned in reality.

A friend, who asked not to be identified, said: “Steve was the most charming, caring and generous boy you have ever met. Yes, he liked beautiful women, but it never worked. It has been through a dark time for years. He talked about fighting mental illness, bipolar disorder. His close friends are devastated by his death but unfortunately they are not surprised. “

The source added: “Steve had a drug problem, but it was mental problems that haunted him. He would often go away for long periods of time. He did not have a strong relationship with his children, and was sad about it.

“And, surprising as it may seem, in the end he had financial problems. He made many inadvisable investments. His last film with Warren Beatty was the other way around, and many people took it for a lot of money. People imagine that it is impossible to run with $ 600 million, but it did. It was too generous. “

A second source added: “Steve recently sold his jet, his house, and he was very depressed.”