Streets of Rage 4 – Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Guide


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Streets of Rage 4 sees the return of a legendary SEGA series, and it’s available now on PlayStation 4. It’s been so long since the last game that old fans may get a little rusty, while there are plenty of potential newcomers to the franchise as well. . With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together a quick guide that goes over the basics.

If you’re new to Streets of Rage, or just want to re-familiarize yourself with the basics, the following should give you a good first step in Wood Oak City.

Streets of Rage 4: basic information and how to get started

First off, let’s take a look at the basics of how to play Streets of Rage 4.

Control S

In Streets of Rage 4, there are two control schemes to choose from. By default, it will use modern controls, but there is an option in the Input Settings menu to switch to another layout that replicates old controls from previous games. Let’s look at both in the table below.

It’s worth noting that you can also customize the controls to your liking by remapping the buttons in the Input Settings menu.

Action Modern controls (default) Retro controls (legacy mode)
Move Left stick / D-pad Left stick / D-pad
Skip X X
Attack Square Square
Special Triangle Triangle
Collect Circle Square
Throw weapon Circle X + square
Back attack R2 / Left stick backwards + Square / X + Square X + square
Star motion Circle + Triangle / R1 Square + triangle
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Pick-ups and weapons

In Streets of Rage 4, there are several trucks and weapons to find. Most of the time, you will find them hidden inside destructible objects like oil barrels or telephone boxes. Use Circle to collect things.

Apple*: Apple picking restores a small amount of health.

Chicken*: A roast chicken fills your health bar completely.

* These pills can be exchanged for other foods, if you prefer. Go to Options> Food. The apple can be replaced with onigiri, croissant, onion rings, pizza, or tofu. Chicken can be replaced with a bowl of ramen, ham, loaded french fries, cheeseburger, or salad.

Star: A golden star gives you an additional star move. These moves are powerful attacks that deal heavy damage to all enemies on the screen.

Weapons There are various weapons to collect and use, and most of them work the same way. Square to attack, or circle to launch. These are only some of them:

  • Knife
  • Tube
  • Baseball bat
  • Katana
  • Spear
  • Glass bottle

Money: You can also find cash, and these items simply equal more points. There are cash briefcases and money bags only to increase your score.


There are five main characters to choose from in Streets of Rage 4. Let’s see all of them below.

Axel Stone

The de facto character Streets of Wrath. A complete fighter with a slight emphasis on power over maneuverability..

Power: 4 4 Technique: 3 Speed: 3 Skip: 2 Endurance: 3

Blaze Fielding

Another basic character, Blaze is less powerful than Axel, but he makes up for it with better jumping techniques and stats.

Power: 3 Technique: 4 4 Speed: 3 Skip: 3 Endurance: 2

Cherry hunter

Cherry is a completely new character. She is the weakest of the main cast, but she is easily the fastest (and the only character capable of running).

Power: one Technique: 3 Speed: 5 5 Skip: 4 4 Endurance: 2

Floyd Iraia

The second new fighter, Floyd is the strongest character in the game, but he lacks speed and jump height.

Power: 5 5 Technique: 4 4 Speed: one Skip: one Endurance: 3

Adam Hunter

Adam has not been playable since the first game, but he returns on SOR4. Like Axel, he is a good off-roader with decent power and technique.

Power: 4 4 Technique: 4 4 Speed: 2 Skip: 3 Endurance: 3

Retro characters: There are 12 unlockable retro characters in the game, which retrieve most of the characters from the old games.

  • Adam-SOR1
  • Axel-SOR1
  • Blaze-SOR1
  • Axel-SOR2
  • Blaze-SOR2
  • Max-SOR2
  • Skate-SOR2
  • Axel-SOR3
  • Blaze-SOR3
  • Dr. Zan-SOR3
  • Shiva-SOR3
  • Skate-SOR3
Streets of Rage 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Tips for Beginners Cheat Guide 3

Streets of Rage 4 – General Tips and Hints

Here you will find everything you need to know to improve in Streets of Rage 4.


Streets of Rage bread and butter is their match. There isn’t much strategy to fighting in games like this, but there are a few things you should learn from offset.

  • Whichever character you choose, hitting Square multiple times gives you your basic combo. This is your option for most scenarios. However, this is not the end of your options.
  • You can hold down Square for a strong attack. You will know that you are charged when your character flashes yellow.
  • A back attack allows you to attack someone coming from behind. You can do this by pressing the left stick / D-pad and Square backwards simultaneously, but we found it easier to press R2.
  • A lightning move is a strong attack combined with a forward run. These are very different for each character, but are useful for rushing enemies that keep their distance.
  • After a jump, you can press Square to attack in the air. You can use this to counter enemies that also go to heaven or enemies that are trying to rush you with weapons.
  • If you get close to an enemy and get close enough, you will automatically grab it. In this position you can launch or simply hit them several times. Grips can be very useful as they are invincible, which means they cannot be interrupted and will not be damaged during animation.
  • Of course, you can collect various weapons and use them to your advantage. Pick one with Circle, then use Square to use it. Weapon attacks often increase your range and are quite powerful. However, keep in mind that weapons don’t last forever.
  • You can perform special attacks with Triangle. It costs you some health to use, but they’re useful for crowd control, which is a problem you’ll find a lot. Press Triangle by itself (no directional input) and it will execute a defensive special. During this movement, you are invincible and the movement cannot be interrupted.
  • There is also an offensive special, which you can perform by pressing Triangle while maintaining direction. These striking movements are strong and can get you out of trouble. You can also perform an offensive special while jumping in half.
  • A star move is your character’s maximum ability. Made with Triangle + Circle, each fighter has a unique power that fills the screen and damages all enemies on screen. Practical when things get too hectic.
Streets of Rage 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Tips for Beginners Cheat Guide 4

Special movements and recovery of health.

There are some obvious and less obvious ways to regain your health in Streets of Rage 4. Of course, you can find roasted chickens or apples to replenish your health bar, but it’s with special attacks that things get interesting.

When you make a special attack, you will notice that a part of your health meter turns green. This green segment is health that you can potentially get back, but at the same time, you risk losing yourself. To regain this green health, you must continue to land successful hits on enemies without being hit by yourself. If you get hit before refilling the green part of your health, you will lose it and you will not be able to get it back. However, if you deal enough damage without being hit, you will have regained green health and be back to what you were before.

Points: why you should aim for a high score and how to get one

Being a game room-like experience, there is an emphasis on scoring. You can generally safely ignore these arbitrary points and just enjoy yourself, but there are a couple of good reasons to aim for a higher score.

Since the game will alert you during the course of a stage, you can earn additional lives by achieving certain milestone points. With no 1-in-1 items known to us, this is currently the only known way to gain additional lives.

The second reason you’ll want to rack up points quickly is because the game tracks your score for life, and that’s how you unlock all retro characters. All the points you earn during a level are added to your grand total, which accumulates in one meter. After reaching specific thresholds, it will unlock these 16-bit characters one by one. Even if you’re having a bad streak, completing a stage means more points in the pot.

The best way to earn points during a stage is through combos. As you hit enemies, you’ll notice a number on the left that keeps track of how many you’ve done in a row. Ideally, you want to get this number as high as possible. If you do not get a hit for a few seconds, the combined counter will reset and you will accumulate your accumulated points. If you get hit during a combo, it will break and you will lose points. In other words, you’re rewarded for playing skillfully, so do your best to make the combo count up and take care of your back.

Streets of Rage 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Tips for Beginners Cheat Guide 5

Additional tips and hints

All of your attacks can hit multiple enemies at once. If there are multiple enemies in front of you, your attacks will not only connect to one of them, but will connect to each thug within range. This allows you to face multiple targets simultaneously, which is important when the game throws so many bad at you.

You can catch weapons in the air. This is a good trick, but it is useful from time to time. If you throw a pipe at someone, it will bounce off it and you can catch it before it hits the ground, which is faster than lifting it off the ground. Just press Circle to snatch it from the air.

Certain movements are invincible. We already mentioned this, but it’s worth making it clear. There is no dedicated block in Streets of Rage, which means that you are an open target at all times. However, two moves in the game give you brief moments of invincibility. The first is when you perform a grab shot: During this animation, you will not be interrupted or damaged. The same is true when you roll out your neutral special, pressing Triangle with no directional input. Use them to your advantage!

Eat food responsibly. Let’s see what we mean by that. First off, don’t waste a chicken (full health boost) if you’ve only lost a little bit of your health. Instead, eat an apple (small increase in health) or wait for your health to decrease to the point where a chicken is needed. Second, if you find a food but you have a full health bar, eat it anyway. This sounds strange, but eating apples or chickens when you are in full health means you will get points instead of HP. Our advice would be to clear a part of the stage and see where it is. Obviously eat the food if you need it, but if you can fight without losing health, don’t let those items go to waste – free points!

Always land on your feet. As in previous Streets of Rage games, it is possible to land standing up if thrown by an enemy. This gets you back into action much faster than falling, so it’s something you’ll want to learn how to do quickly. In our experience, the way to do this is to press X just as you are about to land on the ground.

Are you playing Streets of Rage 4 on PS4? Is this your first time with the series, or are you a fan who takes to the streets once again? Drop any other hints and tips in the comments below.