Streets of Rage 4 – Enemy Tips and Tricks Guide


Streets of anger 4 It is a double function game. It’s a loving nod to the franchise’s past, but it’s also a fitting sequel. Naturally, it leaves you back on the familiar streets of Wood Oak City facing off against not just classic enemies, but some new enemies as well. Many of the old strategies against classic enemies still work well, even 26 years later. But what about very new and very sharp faces? Well that’s where this guide to enemy tips and tricks comes in handy. From Galsias to Garnets, let’s go over the best ways to introduce you to some bare knuckles.

The first page of this guide covers the original enemies of the series who return in Streets of anger 4. On the second page you will find the new enemies.

The usual suspects


Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks GalsiaGalsias has been your typical fist-meat enemy since the dawn of Streets of anger. They are quite passive and do not defend themselves. You can usually beat them quickly with just a brief combo. However, although Galsias are easy prey, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down around them. Las Galsias get much more formidable in large groups (be careful on the Chinatown stage) – it’s basically their 100-duck-sized stage. Also, some Galsias will carry broken knives or bottles and head straight for you, making them quite annoying. Jump attacks are a good bet to deal with knife bearers.


Streets of Fury 4 Enemy Tips Donovan CheatsDonavans have a strong respect for the “no-fly zone”. That is, they have a tendency to hit you straight out of the air with a quick uppercut. They also like to carry weapons. In later stages, they can even catch a thrown weapon and then throw it back. They are a bit of a jerk. Your best bet when it comes to Donovans is not try to jump attacks. They will simply throw your sad butt back onto the blacktop. Moving can also be a bad idea, as they have a longer range than Galsia.

Your best bet is to move towards them at an angle and attack first. Another approach is to pick up a long weapon, such as a pipe or a bat, as they are longer than Donovan’s range. And, thanks to the new innovation of being able to snatch a weapon in midair, if a Donovan foolishly throws one at you, grab it and re-introduce it to your lost friend.

Y signal

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks SignalThe signs, the punks mohawks of the streets, are enemies that also debuted in the first Streets. These guys tend to be flow switches, charging and throwing you. In Streets of anger 4Enemies about to launch you will flash red. Then you will see signs blinking quite a bit in your runs. Not only do they enjoy running and throwing like a dwarf, but they also tend to use a sliding tackle move.

The strategy for dealing with them is quite simple. If they throw you, hit jump just before they land and laugh at their lame attempts to knock you down. If you see them start to duck, jump on their gliding motion. The signals do not have a movement to get you off the air, so they are easily sent with a jump attack.


Streets of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Garnet CheatsAh Garnet, the cheeky woman with the attacking hitbox as big as a mid-size BMW. The garnets are back from Streets of Rage 3, and they’re more than ready to bother you in the latest sequel. They use jump kicks as their main attack, and can move diagonally through the air. His “attack box” on his feet is bigger than you could imagine. Even if you think you are far enough away from taking damage, chances are you are not. However, when the Garnets get close, they hit you on the chins, increasing your frustration.

However, you have a better chance of dealing close-up damage. If you are using a character that can run or launch, get closer from above or below to avoid their jump attack, never run directly towards them, or you will be eating shoe leather. Once close, use a combo to smooth them out. Better yet, if there is more than one on the screen, drop the Garnet on another and reenter. They don’t have much health, but be quick.

Crow (also known as eagle)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks EagleThese Muay Thai champions started in Streets of anger 2. They behave more or less the same in Streets of anger 4, reaching out to kick you repeatedly. Plus, they also have a flying knee motion, hitting you head-on. Ravens are also one of the rare enemies that can block your attacks, mitigating all damage. In fact, they are tough enemies compared to previous clowns. The best strategy against the Ravens is to dodge their flying knees by moving at an angle and get closer. If you manage to hit them before they crash, then combo away. If they are blocking, stop the combo and move for a grab attack.

Big Ben (also known as Bongo)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks Big BenOh wow, I really hate these guys. Big Ben and his nasty laugh have been the ruin of my existence since the first Streets of Rage, where he debuted as a boss. In recent games, and in Streets of Rage 4, he is a rare type of enemy, appearing mostly to burn or crush you with his massive mass. There are different Big Ben subtypes to be aware of. The Big Ben classic wears a white shirt and a red cap, and charges with fire breath. There is also a type that often rolls causing damage, and a third type that jumps in the air to hit the stomach. These other two wear shirts of different colors, such as light blue or tan.

Dealing with them is easier than you think, really. They only become dangerous when garbage monsters distract you. Be on the lookout for them as they transmit your incoming attacks. The Big Ben fire will lean back before charging, and the others will duck. By watching them closely, you can anticipate where they will load or land, allowing you to zoom in for a combo attack. You can also throw them away, even though logic tells you otherwise.

Nora and Electra

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks NoraBoth Noras and Electras look the same, but are different in attack damage. Both are leather-clad dominatrixes who use a whip as a medium-range weapon. However, while Nora will only cause damage, Electra charges her whip with electricity. You can deal with the two more or less the same. Wait for them to arrive before swinging the whip. After its attack animation, it comes in for some damage or shots.

Gold (also known as a killer agent)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks GoldThe Golds have weapons, yes, but don’t panic. They are much easier than they seem. Golds are slow moving enemies that fire from a distance. If the first bullet hits you, they will juggle more. He does a fair amount of damage, but luckily bullets travel slower than paintballs, so you should be able to get out of the way in time if you’re away.

Golds are offensive, there is no defense. Get up close from above or below, and give them a good beating. They are only dangerous with other enemies on the screen, as you will not be able to dodge their shots when you are busy scattering your teeth in the wind.

On the next page, we’ll go over the new enemy types ranging from Dylans to Feroccios.